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Torkia brings to their line of products is truly enhanced and focused on separating the brand from other competitors. In my testings, the aforementioned qualities held true to the claim given by Torkia. No amount of dust or water affected the overall durability of the case. -

I like both Torkia products the td-4900 and the TL-7010s. Like I said in the video both products are great for a very light load or fast load with ease of movement. I will use the kit from to time but usually need more space then what both items can hold. Any one out there that does photography for fun this would be a great kit to have. -

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I was looking for a durable yet light bag to carry my canon 5d with my 50mm lens and came across the toria 4900 ..I was very impressed with the quality of the bag.i used it over the weekend and was very happy. It stood up to the Inclement was comfortable to carry and not so cumbersome. - alan cruz

I love this case. It's perfect when you don't want to lug around a big camera case with all the accessories.
 - Perry Cates

This is a well-made lens and camera case that is light and will hold just what you need for a day trip. It is designed for camera and one lens. The quality is very good and meets or beats the higher priced competition. - Reginald I Rogers

This product is a good deal. It is functional , comfortable and light weight . It is easy to carry and it has a pocket for extras and an area for sd cards. - sculpture it