Torkia TM-4700B Professional Camera Case


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Are you tired of roomy camera bags that don’t snuggle your camera?  What about camera bags that simply can’t offer the cushioning you not only need, but actually deserve?  We got tired of that malarkey real quick, so we put together the TM-4700, a small camera bag expertly designed to protect compact cameras and small interchangeable lens cameras, with plenty of room for your extra gear.  Why the TM-4700?  Photography is all about the right gear for the right situation, and here at Torkia we wanted the right case for the right gear for the right situation.  Simple, right?  Our tough, water-resistant and abrasion-proof materials give you a camera bag that just won’t quit.  And with room for a camera and attached lens up to 3.5 inches in length, you can fit any small camera into this case.  Two slots for SD cards give you room for memory, and a front outer pouch can hold an extra battery, assorted filters, or other accessories.  An adjustable front buckle and durable side clips give you added security wherever you roam, while the included adjustable strap offers you plenty of comfort on the go.

Great for these cameras:

  • Canon Powershot SX400
  • Canon Powershot SX410


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